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I was teased a bit this weekend and I'm not happy. We had some lovely weather here with the evenings having just a faint hint of fall weather. It was wonderful but left me craving fall so bad I can taste it. How is it possible that it's only July and I'm already done with summer and ready to jump ahead to October? I normally don't start feeling this way until at least mid August.

Autumn is undoubtedly my favorite time of the year. There is no other season that uses a mix of scent and color that heightens your senses to their fullest capacity. Ok, well that's how I feel at least. The coolness of the air that starts creeping in. The smell of firewood burning. The crunch of leaves. Trips to the mountains. Festivals and fairs. Pumpkins and apples. There's also the anticipation of the start of the holiday season. What's not to love?

For now, I guess I'm stuck with the yearning of it because I know, probably just as soon as I hit publish post, this Georgia weather will turn back to it's normal hot, sticky, miserable self. I'll just have to sweat a little more, keep my sweaters packed away and burn some woodsy scented candles from Yankee. You'd think since I was born and raised here I'd be used to it by now, even enjoy it. Not so much though. Especially when I get even the slightest of hints that fall will here soon enough. Well, there is one thing that will appease me............I guess I can start working on my Christmas shopping.


Courtney said...

haha I've been saying the very same things! I've already informed the boys that we're having one of those witch-pot concoctions of oranges, cinnamon, cloves, etc. on the stove. I'm ready for the fall clothes to come out because I've already picked out my back-to-school boots and tweed jacket! Angi, let's go frolic in the forest at the very sign of leaves changing, and BTW you and the rents are more than welcome to come to my oh-too-special birthday in Helen (Oktoberfest)to enjoy the weather and the seasonal beverages if you catch my drift. Who knows, maybe we can stop and get pumpkins and cider on the way! Oh damnitt! Look what you've done!

fey1133 said...

Oh I love my witches brew and seasonal beverages! You won't have to ask twice about your very special birthday this fall. : )

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